F is for Fall (NOT short shorts)

I don't know about you, but everyone at my school needs a wake-up call. Hello, it's fall! I have seen girls wearing white short shorts. Gasp! It has officially been fall for 43 days now, and I am totally ready to trade my sandals and shorts for boots and jeans. Here is a list of fall must-have's that will send you from the pool to the cool.

*Put your best foot foreward in this season's coolest picks-riding boots. Get yourself a pair or two-classic tan, grey, and black work the best with jeans. You should also have a pair of crocheted boots-don't spend too much money on these because come spring, you wont want to wear them for very long.
*Jeans-skinny, boot cut, whatever it is that flatters you best, that is what is in style. Please, please, please no baggy, laundry-day jeans! There is nothing worse than huge pants that don't fit you! I should add that no one likes to see the same 5 pairs of skinny jeans rotated week after week. If your closet is full of skinnys, add some flair with a different cut.
*Dress to impress-pick up a few sweater dresses during your next trip to the mall, and don't forget the tights! Go for plum, navy, or yellow, depending on the dress color.

Don't Forget! With all these new clothes coming in, and some saves from last year, you'll want to rotate your summer wardrobe to another location-the other side of you'r clset, the guest bedroom, somewhere out of the way. if you haven't worn something in over a year-get rid of it!

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