Holiday Blues

Right about now all the Christmas decor and songs are getting really, really old. At last, out tree came down today, but thankfully all the other decorations left the building last week. Also, if you've had visitors, you are probably dying for them to leave, or rejoicing that they've left. Don' t get me wrong, I love having family over Christmas. But two weeks? It gets a little long, and everyone in that situation needs a break.

On the flip side, you may feel a little sad, and the house may feel big and empty after said guests leave and there is nothing to look foreward to except the usual hectic school weeks. Don't submit yourself to post-christmas depression! Get yourself moving-for one thing it will help you shed some of the many cookies you ate over the break, and it will also give you energy. Help remove the decorations and presents from the house. Return gifts that need returned, put gifts in the gift closet for future re-gifting opertunities. Hang out with friends and spend some of that Xmas cash you scored. Clean your room and your backpack (trust me, when you do this early in the week before you return to school, it wil leave you feeling prepared, especially if you had homework or other assignments). Do all the things you meant to do but never had time. Towards the end of the week , take a breather. Give yourself a spa day (or at least a spa hour!).

The holidays don't have to be a month of mayhem and mixed emotions.

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