shoe l-o-v-e: Part Deux


Ok-I am officially in love with these remarkable shoes. Unfortunately, they are from, which means they are probably rather knock-offish and fake looking, but hey, a girl can dream, can't she? I think that to get rid of this shoe fetish, i may just have to buy them and if they turn out to be bad, at least it will set my mind at ease. And at only $10.99 (yes, you read that right), why not?

Next up are these beauties; Classified Tuzedo Flats. Yes, more knock-offs, but aren't they all now adays? Rejoice, young recessionistas, for these delectible toe-tingly treats are only $16.99! These are numero uno my actual Hit List For Spring. I would definately wear these-they go with practically everything. Spice up a nice sundress, or slip them on with shorts and your good to go!

And lastly, Classified Helsa Flats. These are deliciously plain and simple, and yet so elegant! THE perfect thing to finish off that outfit that just needs something . . . more. Classic and gorgeouso, these sandals will surely be an asset to your closet. Chic, non? And at only $19.99, very chic!
Heart, Violet

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  1. Love them all, but I would also appreciate info on where to find them- the prices are amazing! Love your style, keep up the great work!

  2. the two sandals are available at The orange shoes were available there, but they are temporarily out fo stock. Thanks for the sweet comment! Im glad someone appreciates my blog. :)


i j'adore all your comments! i read and appreciate every one, even if i dont have time to write back! thank you (: tchao!

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