im dreaming of......

shoes! Yep, i actually had a dream about shoes, which, if you think about it, isn't really that crazy. I just waltzed right in to Charlotte Rusee (im not 100% sure if that was really the store, but i just have one of those feelings you get with dreams) and a very helpful store employee held on for dear life as i threw shoes at him (i didnt really throw them, i just handed them to him. so dont worry! the nice shoe man was not hurt!) to try on. Unfortunately, that is where my dream ended- with a nice pair of brown cage heels in hand, many shoe boxes on the counter, and my dad's credit card. Suffice to say it was a good dream. Alas, it was only a dream.

Still, i couldnt help but look on Char Russe's website to see if the 'shoes of my dream' were there-they were not. :( But i did find some really cute wedges that would be perfect for just about anything:

The Metallic Woven Wedges That Would Be Perfect For Just About Anything.
Find them at for $24.99 and enjoy!

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