back in black

iv been playing with this outfit for the past 2 weeks, and i just wasnt 100% satisfied... so i thought i would ask you guys about it. as i was doing the photos, i realized that i really did like it and i think im gonna wear it to school tomorrow! do you think i should add anything? take something away? leave a comment!


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  1. Hey kate it's julianne. I like the outfit!! I can't really tell what necklace your wearing. Maybe a pic of that would help, but other than that i like it!

  2. this looks lovely:] fashion is alwyas creative, and i think you could pull off any style, so dont worry too much!

  3. perfect outfit and i love the boots...seriously, i need that pair!!

  4. Love those need accessories. Sunglasses, lots of bracelets or necklaces.

  5. love the boots.
    check my blog

  6. honestly, i'm not feelin the denim skirt. if it was more distressed and lighter thennnnnnnn it would be perfecto! keep the boots and the shirt. OR you can always take away the denim skirt and wear it with leggings to give it more of a "i'm going to play polo" feel. those boots are gorgeous

  7. i actually am wearing a really big layered neckelace so its weird that you cant see it in the pics.... but you cant ;)

  8. Well, if you ask 4 advice, I would take these boots and the skirt and maybe play I little with the color of the shirt. I would love to see you in turquise or fuchsia pink/red as it would go well with your hair color and skirt.

    or I'd take the boots and pair them with knee high pants (y know just over the knee) and take a layered blouse, something flowing or like that. But i'd still like it to be fuchsia red/pink or turquise.

  9. the outfit looks good! i agree with maverick malone, but i see that you are wearing a necklace. maybe a bright colorful one?
    good luck!

  10. The cool boots and shorts are a great combo! You could always put on a cute tux vest, or black blazer. if its too hot, just stack on tons of bracelets!


  11. That second pick is my absolute favorite! Great boots girl.

  12. love the boots


i j'adore all your comments! i read and appreciate every one, even if i dont have time to write back! thank you (: tchao!

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