fall is in the air...

Fall!! Its here and im sooo excited! I know for most everybody, they dread the end of summer and the beginning of the colder months. For me, however, its the best time of the year-no more 110 degree days. A BIG fall post is coming soon but here is a little preview....nail polish hits for this fall.

Although i have not tried it yet, i have a feeling that Mink Muffs is going to be one of my favorite fall colors! I always find nude appealing-in fact, i hardly ever stray from a pale pink on my fingers (Essie's Pinkadelic and Baby's Breath are my favorites!). So this will be a refreshing way to stay the same but be different :)

On the complete opposite end of the color spectrum, there are all these crazy bright-yet-fall colors out there this season, like Pink Parka. TeenVogue does this a lot-if any of you remember Emma Watson's shoot, the 'theme' was girly with grunge, and she had bright magenta nails. Sometimes fall colors can get a little boring, so this will be a good color to have when your bored with deep purples or darks.

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  1. i like that mink muffs shade! essie make some cool nail shades!


i j'adore all your comments! i read and appreciate every one, even if i dont have time to write back! thank you (: tchao!

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