Did you know, that when you open up Google maps and hit zoom until you cant zoom any more, you'll end up in Lawrence, KS? Thats cause a KU grad invented google maps. Boom.

Here we are, the great and cloudy, humid state of Kansas. We were told that the heavily overcast, humid, windy weather was excellent, many times over. I of course rolled my eyes with a meaningful look to my mom after these praises were sung from a Kansas native. Still, when I stood on the cobblestone driveway of the Oread and the warm wind washed over me, I felt inspired.

I felt like I was home.

Think I got enough KU merch? I dont! Its literally impossible not to buy something jayhalk related when you're there, even if you never plan on going back in your life. Its infectious, like an exciting, proud disease that you don't quite mind catching. My advice to those looking to visit the campus...sign up for Junior Days or a tour, because those people knowww what they are doing. And also, buy a shirt. Just do it, and wear it when you walk down Massachusetts Street, and when you go to dinner and when you watch the basketball game in the hotel lobby, and when you fly back home. Do it. It will make you feel like less of an outsider and more like someone who's a part of something. Someone who would know the rumor that if you walk through the bell tower before your graduation, you won't graduate. Our freshman tour guide said she wouldn't risk testing the theory.

In any case, I love it. I already invision snow falling in Christmastime, with twinkling lights in the background as me and Ames walk home (where ever that may be) after a night of fun with friends. See what I am dealing with?! My mind hates high school.

KU here I come! Rock chalk jayhawk!



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i j'adore all your comments! i read and appreciate every one, even if i dont have time to write back! thank you (: tchao!

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