Wahooo! This is crazy fun, I just downloaded the blogger app! Now I'm set to blog where ever I may be... Like, chemistry class. Anyway, this is my first official post from my phone and the first thing I've done on the app so let's pray I can figure out the other aspects!
Adios lovelies! Have a beautiful day!

Did you know, that when you open up Google maps and hit zoom until you cant zoom any more, you'll end up in Lawrence, KS? Thats cause a KU grad invented google maps. Boom.

Here we are, the great and cloudy, humid state of Kansas. We were told that the heavily overcast, humid, windy weather was excellent, many times over. I of course rolled my eyes with a meaningful look to my mom after these praises were sung from a Kansas native. Still, when I stood on the cobblestone driveway of the Oread and the warm wind washed over me, I felt inspired.

I felt like I was home.

Think I got enough KU merch? I dont! Its literally impossible not to buy something jayhalk related when you're there, even if you never plan on going back in your life. Its infectious, like an exciting, proud disease that you don't quite mind catching. My advice to those looking to visit the campus...sign up for Junior Days or a tour, because those people knowww what they are doing. And also, buy a shirt. Just do it, and wear it when you walk down Massachusetts Street, and when you go to dinner and when you watch the basketball game in the hotel lobby, and when you fly back home. Do it. It will make you feel like less of an outsider and more like someone who's a part of something. Someone who would know the rumor that if you walk through the bell tower before your graduation, you won't graduate. Our freshman tour guide said she wouldn't risk testing the theory.

In any case, I love it. I already invision snow falling in Christmastime, with twinkling lights in the background as me and Ames walk home (where ever that may be) after a night of fun with friends. See what I am dealing with?! My mind hates high school.

KU here I come! Rock chalk jayhawk!


I'm baack!

I find myself inexplicably drawn to that french verb-devenir. To become. So much future, so much potential. Right now that is exactly what I'm focused on.

I'm back at it again because my best friend, actually. She mentioned that I should start blogging again and I thought..tu as raison! My life has more to it now than just fashion and pictures (although there will be pictures, trust me!). I've learned a lot, and am in the midst of some pretty great things. Why not share it all with anyone who will listen?

So now is the time for explaining. Catching up, as old friends do. Well, where to start?

How about with the most important thing in my life...Ames. My beach-bound, party mooning, ridiculously hunky and funny love. He is absolutely perfect for me in everyway and I dont remember ever being this happy in my whole life.
Wanna know the catch?
He lives 1,826 miles away.
Sucks, huh?
A lot of people ask me "is it really worth it?" and its as if the question is the most completely irrelevant and absurd of all the comments I've fielded. Is it worth it? I love him. That is your answer. I love him and my future is him, so tell me a few years apart in perspective to forever is not worth it. Next question.
You will be hearing a whole ton about him, you can be pretttty danged sure about that. One main focus of this blog will probably be long distance relationships and all the gooey mushy care packages and cds, fear-enducing days without contact and everything in between that comes with it. I promise if it makes you snort, giggle, cry, "Awwhhh!" and feel half of what I do at all... you will be in good shape.

I'm still riding horses...my trainer is trying to convince me to stay here in Arizona. He doesnt want me to leave him. I love him to death, but he left me once to follow his dreams, and now it's my turn. Which brings me to...

Kansas. Lawrence, Kansas, to be exact. Home to the University of Kansas and the record-breakingly loud, insanely spirited Jayhawks. Hopefully my future home... but more on that later. I'm talkin a LOT more.. I just visited over my spring break and am now officially hooked. Rock chalk jayhawks!!

Alright..duty calls. Grandparents are over for dinner and its time to socialize. Hopefully this little taste will get you coming back for more...in like, two hours. Next post: Kansas trip.
Have a beautiful day lovelies!


I know, i know. Corny title! I just could help myself. Pictures at the barn after lessons on Saturday; me, oliver, my friend heather and zeus. It was heather's birthday, so afterwards we went out to brunch at the cutest little cafe i have ever seen. i was seriously giggling with happiness! more pictures of the quaint coffee shop to come. Then that night we met up at the $20,000 Season Finale Grand Prix at WestWorld in Scottsdale, a very impressive horse show. It was so much fun and absolutely amazing, especially since we had just come from our seemingly amateur lessons earlier that morning. The jumps were about 5 feet high and the horses were gorgeous. If i didn't already want a horse more than anything...well, now i want one more(: Hope your weekend was as satisfying as mine!

Is she not incredibly gorgeous? I cant imagine a prettier, classier, or sweeter child-star turned wildly successful actress/glamour girl than Dakota Fanning. Chances are, you've seen her in one of her earlier movies, like Uptown Girls, or more recent films, The Secret Life of Bees or Push. But now, were hearing about the big stir she's causing by breaking out of her shell a little and turning to the dark side-vampires. She is Jane of New Moon, and you will also see her returning in Eclipse. Although im not sure how the movie will turn out, im interested in seeing Dakota playing a red-eyed, evil vampire. How do you feel about the Twilight Saga?

as though no one is watching you,
as though you have never been hurt before,
as though no one can hear you,
as though heaven is on Earth.

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