I read an interview in Teen Vogue, and although who it was is escaping me, I know that they said they used this face wash. After i saw that Ulta now carries the line Dermalogica, I thought I should give it a try. I bought the started kit (only $35) and have been patiently awaiting it's arrival since Sunday. I'm hoping it gets here before I leave town on Friday night. The kit includes
- wash off, 1.7 oz
- all over clear, 1.7 oz
- ready, set, scrub!, 0.50 oz
- welcome matte spf15, 0.50 oz
- bedtime for breakouts, 0.50 oz
- reusable bag
At only $35, this is a great deal. Their full-sized face wash goes for around $20, so you can see how much you get for your money with this kit. As any diligant beauty blogger would, I will be posting my results, comments, ect. in the days to come. Keep tuned.
Stay cute, pretties!

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