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My Dermalogica Clean Start Kit arrived today-almost a week late! I was beginning to think something had gone wrong, but i decided to give it a couple of more days before i emailed them. Finally, i couldn't take it any more! i emailed them yesterday, but haven't gotten a response. But then, joy of all joys, it came today. So it doesnt really matter anymore. Anyway, i tried it out and it is wonderful! The face wash is clear, and sort of foams and then disappears. Then there is a face mist that is a toner-the mist is so fine and luxurious-by that time i was really mellowed out. And lastly, the p.m. lotion was a clear gel that went on and felt like a face primer. Did i mention that all of the products have this delicious, fruity scent? All in all, i am deliriously happy with the way things turned out-in fact, i can't wait to wash my face again in the morning!

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