Fall 09/10 recap

Spring already! I can't believe it, and for now, im refusing to head in that direction (despite Chanel's ready-to-wear runway show being absolutely spectacular). instead, im happy with flannel, fur (fake, of course!), boots, and knit accessories! Here are a few of the Fall's 09/10 best looks:



(Michael Kors)

  • Chanel's magnificent make-up and accent colour; mint green

  • Michael Kors neon obsession
  • classic 80's shapes and trends; strong shoulders, glitterati, bold colors

    (see style.com, or Harper's Bazaar special runway recap issue for a full report, pictures and all, of New York, Paris, and Milan's Fall Fashion fun)

Snaps for Alexander McQueen, who took recycling to a whole new level-he used countless props from seasons past, painted them all black, and piled them up in the middle of the runway! Not only was the outcome stunning, it reduced the stress on our earth.


While i was perusing style.com, i came across all these great videos on the fall runway shows, as well as spring. Check them out when you get a chance, here are my favorite quotes from the Paris Spring 09/10 Recap video:

"I come to paris with a full beard, and i leave with a moustache" Michael Stipe

"Did you have to sneak out of school to come here?" directed to Charles Guislain

"Theres nothing simple about being womanly here" Sarah Mower


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  1. amazing pics.
    great blog.

  2. Nice blog...

    seems like you like fashion. You might enjoy my site. I just posted the first look at my new fashion Reality TV series...


    best wishes,


  3. agreed! and to think my eyes were just opened to their fabulousity :)


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