Read My Lips: Fall Edition

Fall, and all its wonderful and familiar smells, colors, traditions, and most of all, outfits, has absolutely captured me. I am in so deep its hard to pull myself back to the unfavorable reality of tests, homework, and 6:15 a.m wake-up calls. My mother got a grip on our whole house in her halloween-inspired whirl-wind, and this is how it turned out...

I so wanted to do one big, huge fall post, but as you can imagine, i got a little carried away and decided that it would be wayy too much for just one post. This is the first part of Read My Lips; Fall Fashion shoe line up!!

leopard flats-Rocket Dog
violet flats-Charlotte Russe
mocassin wedges-Chinese Laundry
cobalt blue pumps-Charlotte Russe
black boots-Steve Madden
gray boots-Mossimo for Target

These fiesty pumps are my latest purchase. They were intended to go with my black-accented-with-jewels homecoming dress, but it didn't quite work out. Instead of returning them to Charlotte Russe and to the possible (and probable) life of sitting on a shelf not being appreciated to their full value, or even worse, being worn in.....less than favorable circumstances, im keeping them. And you need not worry about their not being appreciated, because believe me, everytime i walk by my 'fall shoe line' up in my room, they are fully loved!
So there you have it, the first part of the highly anticipated (by me at least) Fall Fashion Edition of Read My Lips! The second (and possibly third) edition will be coming soon. Most of my outfit pics will be taken in Pittsburg when im there over fall break (yay!!). Any perfect fall plans in your futures?

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  1. Electric bleu!!! awesome colour for everythang , especially heels!

    One Love,

  2. Love it!

  3. loooving your shoe collection
    cant wait to see how you pair those gorgeous blues!

  4. i love sunflowers and it's one of my fave flowers.
    also, i had posted about sunflowers on my previous post.

    omg! i adore the blue shoe!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those black boots! :)


i j'adore all your comments! i read and appreciate every one, even if i dont have time to write back! thank you (: tchao!

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