h&m scottsdale opening weekend


H&M opened a store in Scottsdale on Thursday! i was soo excited. the wait for the much-anticipated european-based store was long, but worth it. as soon as i could fit it in, i zipped on over to the Scottsdale Quarter and got my first look at an H&M store! to sum it up in a couple words, it was complete and total, insane mayhem! so consequently, i didnt get a very good look at the clothes, although they had quite a few adorable knit hats that were just calling my name..

view of the check-out line from the escalator..

back at my dad's house in paradise valley

the view from the patio of camelback mountain is absolutely spectacular, but unfortunately it didnt come out in any of the pictures :( maybe next time...

(wearing my brothers shirt, forever 21 skirt, candie's flats, and B.P necklace and bracelets)

all in all, a very good day! and now, back to my english project, homework, and of course, another monday. hope you all had a good weekend!

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  1. Love H&M!



  2. love h and m looks super busy x

  3. thanks! and yeah, it was totally busy!

  4. I like how you styled your brother's shirt. I am missing loose silhouettes. It's cold here in Kansas City so everyone is in skin tight jeans and sweaters and coats.

  5. Thanks for the comment :)

    I like how you teamed the feminine skirt with the boyish shirt here!

    lovely blog xx

  6. thanks! iv been really into boy clothes lately. i feel like theres something really feminine about wearing guys clothes (:


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