iv been playin too much guitar, iv been listening to jazz..

where to go when you have absolutely nothing to wear, no necklace to go with that dress, and the perfect leather jacket...but no killer heels? Why, the internet of course! When my Outfit & Inspiration tank is running on low, i tend to gravitate towards websites like forever 21, urban outfitters, lulu's, and teenVogue, and i scour them for inspiration of any kind. this can be a quick fix for someone who just needs that one little spark...but it can just as easily turn into a three-hour adventure that involves several open internet windows, coffee breaks, and running to the car for your wallet. These escapades can also be very helpful if you are having a hard time memorizing your credit card number...not that im talking from experience, or anything...

Incredible, detailed piece of art. Reminds me of Style Hurricane's Anni and her eclectic zipper and stuf jewelry. Brave bracelet, $28, lulus.com
Im really loving these embelished bib necklaces lately..they add a lot without being too much. ZAD Queen of Bling Bib necklace, $26, lulus.com

No time to shower this morning? Those new curlers not exactly working out the way you thought they would (no one told they would turn your hair into an afro)? There is nothing better than a chic and adorable hat to brighten your mood on a bad hair day. The Charleston Hat in black, $40, lulus.com
Aren't these heels just amazing? I saw them and thought "Wow..the classic pump spiced up a bit! And how perfectly are they done?" Then i saw the brand: Steve Madden. Of course. I should have known. Everything with that name is perfection. Steve Madden Regaal Black Suede Glamour Girl Heel, $99, lulus.com

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  1. Very pretty bracelet



  2. i totally thought of style hurricane before i even read what you wrote! haha


i j'adore all your comments! i read and appreciate every one, even if i dont have time to write back! thank you (: tchao!

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